10 Best Employee Engagement Tools to Boost Your Team’s Morale

Did you know that according to research by Gallup, 50% of employees tend to leave their bosses, not their jobs? Yes, managers and administrators in leadership positions can turn toxic at times. While a fraction of employee management issues stem from leadership issues, the other portion of resource management challenges is based on fluctuating organization dynamics and of course internal workforce expectations and client demands. 

Significance of Employee Management

The need for the best employee management software is massive because manually managing the resources is no cakewalk. For one, individual differences in personality, work style, and motivation require personalized management approaches. So, what works for one employee may not work for another. Secondly, in today’s diverse workforce frameworks, effective communication is challenging. Some companies have an in-house team, while others have switched to remote, hybrid, or outsourcing mechanisms to get the work done. 

The changing nature of workforces and geographically dispersed teams makes corporations more prone to miscommunication, which can lead to misunderstandings, reduced productivity, and decreased morale. Balancing organizational goals with employee satisfaction requires constant effort, and any discrepancy or error leads to workload distribution issues that skyrocket the number of grievances. 

The Solution? Using the best workforce management software

List of the Best Employee Management Tools

If you want to manage employees efficiently, here are some of the best tools in the industry you can consider!

#1 eResource Scheduler

This is one of the best employee management software that can help organizations streamline everything from financials to timesheets. With a drag-and-drop feature and intuitive UI, the software can aid businesses in efficiently allocating resources, tracking project progress, and optimizing workload distribution. Besides, managers can also deploy the tool to monitor employee availability and skill-sets and ensure tasks are assigned appropriately and deadlines are met, thereby improving productivity and reducing employee burnout. 

#2 Slack

This is another excellent employee management tool that can make the communication part extremely easy. Slack can be a platform that acts as your team’s virtual office. Using the software, you can create channels for different projects, share files effortlessly, and integrate the software with other productivity tools you already use. In fact, Slack has real-time messaging and video calling features, so your team can stay connected and in sync, no matter where they are. 

#3 Officevibe

Do you always want to be in the loop for all projects on deck and offer tentative feedback to employees? Well, you can use the software to collect feedback through regular surveys, target key areas like job satisfaction, recognition, and personal growth, and do more. Besides, Officevibe doesn’t just collect data; the software also provides actionable insights and recommendations so managers can tackle issues head-on and keep everyone engaged and happy. 

#4 15Five

Imagine a tool that keeps the conversation going between employees and managers—that’s 15Five. This performance management tool facilitates weekly check-ins where employees can share their wins and challenges. Using the tool, managers can offer timely feedback and support and create a culture where open communication and continuous improvement thrive.

#5 TINYpulse

As a manager or executive in a leadership position, do you want to have a pulse on your team’s overall well-being? If the answer is yes, you can use TINYpulse to send out weekly, anonymous surveys to capture the pulse of your team’s sentiment, spotting issues before they escalate. Plus, its “cheers for peers” feature lets employees recognize each other’s efforts, promoting a positive and appreciative workplace vibe.

#6 Lattice

Lattice brings everything you need for performance management into one platform. It helps managers set goals, provide constructive feedback, and conduct performance reviews, ensuring everyone’s efforts align with the company’s objectives, and this comprehensive approach makes sure employees feel supported and valued. 

#7 Bonusly

This software can make giving and receiving recognition easy and fun. Employees can award each other small bonuses that can later be redeemed for different rewards, which creates a culture of mutual appreciation. This is the software that can keep everyone motivated and performing at their best. 

#8 Culture Amp

This one is an employee engagement software with functionalities such as employee surveys, onboarding feedback collection, and analysis of employee feedback. The app helps businesses of all sizes and in all industry verticals to drive employee satisfaction and make your company a better place to work. 

#9 Teamwork

Teamwork is like a command center for your projects. It enhances collaboration and engagement by centralizing task management, time tracking, and communication. By keeping everyone aligned and informed, Teamwork helps your team work more efficiently and stay motivated.

#10 Glint

Glint offers real-time insights into employee engagement through AI-driven analytics. It helps you identify trends and take proactive measures to improve your workplace. With its pulse surveys and feedback tools, Glint ensures continuous improvement in employee satisfaction.


You can use any of these tools, and they will bring excellent results to the table in terms of bolstering organizational productivity and completing tasks in less resource-intensive atmospheres. Need more industry insights or help? Contact us today! 

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