5 Occasions To Use A Light Up Ring As A Party Favor!

There are so many events and occasions being held every year. Giving party favors is a huge trend which is never going to go out of style. There are so many different options of party favors for adults however the options are limited for kids. Light up ring is an amazing accessory which can be worn by kids for various events and occasions. Flashing LED rings are loved by kids as they come in various designs and color options. The LED light of these color changing rings are powered by batteries which make them long lasting hence durable.

There are various events and occasions for which these LED flashing rings can be used. These can be bought in bulk to avail the best price and offers. Multiple rings can be worn by a single user as these flashing rings can be worn in both the hands.

Birthday Party

Selecting a theme for a kids birthday party is a daunting task. If you are throwing a light up party then these light up jelly rings can be easily used as party favors. You can pair these up with other accessories like necklaces, wands, bracelets, body lights and more. These light up diamond rings are loved by kids which can be used as party favors for various birthday parties.

4th of July

4th of July is round the corner so prepare for an amazing outing with your family on that day. Red, white and blue rings can be adorned by one and all for this occasion. Illuminate these rings while watching fireworks no matter where you are. These can even be given to kids as party favors for 4th of July get-togethers. High quality finger rings make for an amazing and hassle free accessory for indoor as well as outdoor fun.

St. Patrick’s Day

Green three or four clover rings are available online which can be used as favors for St. Patrick’s day. The LED finger bubble rings match the color theme of the holiday perfectly. Green LED light up rings can be illuminated in various modes which can be toggled with the press of a button. These bling rings can be adorned with any type of outfit by users of any age group.


Flashing light rings work really well as costume accessories for halloween parties. These can even be given to kids during trick or treat sessions. You can use these as party favors for glow parties as these glow rings are one of a kind and loved by one and all. These are best sellers due to their aesthetic appeal as well as affordability. You can buy these rings in assorted colors or simply in orange color which matches the theme of the occasion.

New Year’s Party

If you are looking for glow in the dark party supplies for new year’s party then get your hands on high quality blinky rings, gem rings, light up finger rings and more. Multiple skus of these soft jelly rings are available which can be bought online within seconds at Party Glowz website. Special offers can be availed for these rings and other light up toys which can be given to kids of all age groups.

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