Erie Home Insurance Explained: Coverage Options And Benefits

Home insurance is no longer a luxury but a necessity for all houses due to increased burglary and natural calamities. It is way more than protecting your possessions and house against theft or damage. In fact, mortgage companies require homeowners to have this coverage so that they can rebuild the house in case of a calamity and the house is destroyed.

When buying home insurance, you should consider one with dwelling coverage to protect the physical structure, such as the roof and walls. The personal property coverage protects your personal belongings in case of theft. This cover ensures your house is rebuilt to its original state when damaged and refunds your possessions if stolen.

Here is an explanation of Erie home insurance coverage options and benefits:

Erie Home Insurance Coverage Options

1. Dwelling Coverage Option

Physical structure of your home, such as floors, walls, and roof require insurance coverage. Built-in appliances also fall under the dwelling coverage. It also encompasses the attached garage and the deck to ensure that your whole crib is secure and nothing is left behind.

Erie Home Insurance covers your dwelling for any reason that causes damage to your home. Most claims are due to freezing, fire, or hail storms.

2. Personal Property Coverage

Did you ever imagine you could cover your personal belongings against theft and vandalism? Well, that is possible. Erie Home Insurance protects everything in your house, including electronic devices, clothes, and furniture—without forgetting the bicycle parked outside.

3. Loss of Use Coverage

When a calamity befalls your house, you can’t stay there. You have to find somewhere else to chill while your house is repaired. This could be a hotel or a holiday rental.

If your home is under repair, you deserve loss of use coverage. Erie Home Insurance pays for these expenses, including restaurant meals and other living costs. This ensures you and your family are comfortable until everything returns to normal.

Benefits of Erie Home Insurance

1. Replacement Cost Guarantee

One of the most significant benefits of having home insurance is that your house will be rebuilt to its original form even if the cost exceeds the policy limit. The insurance company will pay full coverage for the building costs by giving you financial security in the event of major damage. You can now live a fulfilling life knowing you have nothing to worry about.

2. Erie Rate Lock

Sometimes, your cover upgrades, and you would require a premium increase to accommodate new features. However, that might be outside your budget and could accumulate unnecessary costs. Erie Home Insurance has a lock-up feature that prevents this from happening, securing your finances from rate hikes.

3. 24/7 Customer Service

Communication is key when it comes to insurance policies. Anything might happen to your property, and you should be able to contact the relevant authorities to help you. This home insurance company has 24/7 customer service, which is crucial for emergency situations.


Due to increased vandalism and natural calamities, home insurance has become a necessity in most homes. This insurance protects your personal possessions and guarantees a refund if anything happens to them. If your house is damaged, it will be rebuilt for you.

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