Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino Blackjack Games

There’s no question that the American iGaming industry has taken off like a rocket in the past four years. This is especially evident thanks to the COVID-19 shutdown, which forced people into their homes. While locked up at home, these players found a new sense of purpose and love playing Blackjack online.

Bringing the Blackjack Casino Experience Home

There’s no beating the convenience of playing your favorite blackjack game, even Classic Blackjack at home on your living room couch. Playing online Blackjack comes with playing the live dealer or standalone games against artificial intelligence. Both types of blackjack options present their unique gifts and challenges.

Playing the standalone blackjack games opens the door to more variants compared to the live dealer options. Besides American Blackjack, which remains one of the most popular variants because of the 99% RTP, non-live dealer games usually qualify for casino promotions. These promotions help you freely pad your budget to boost your winning chances.

And while the promotions don’t apply to live dealer blackjack, depending on the site, you can play practice rounds for most standalone blackjack games. By playing for free or through practice rounds, you can test different betting strategies and even blackjack betting charts to become more comfortable for the time when you’re ready to play for real.

Understanding the Different Blackjack Variants

Online casinos hold a unique advantage over traditional ones because they offer more compelling variants. While American Blackjack is the usual variant, you can grow your love for Blackjack with these fan-favorite variants.

  • European Blackjack: Works like American Blackjack. However, the dealer only deals himself the second card until after all the players have made their moves or placed their final bets. Also, European Blackjack usually operates with two decks compared to a single deck. The multiple decks raise the risks of going bust with additional tens and face-up cards. On the other hand, it can boost your doubling-down odds of getting to a hard 21.
  • Spanish 21: This unique blackjack variant doesn’t feature tens. However, the face-up cards still count for ten points. The absence of tens impacts betting charts and lowers the chances of the dealer and the player getting a natural blackjack. Also, Spanish 21 allows players to double down on any card instead of doubling down on one with the regular variants. Players can also surrender their cards late to help minimize losses.
  • Pontoon: Also referred to as British Blackjack, the Pontoon variant has separate terminology from the other traditional blackjack variants. However, in Pontoon, the dealer doesn’t have an upcard. The dealer’s cards are left face-down until the playing hand ends. Players twist to receive another card or stick to stand with the cards they have. A Pontoon hand, which is an Ace with a ten or a face card, is an automatic winner, even if the dealer has 21. The five-card hand also produces winners besides the Pontoon hand. Also, five-card hands eliminate going bust. In the event of a push with the dealer, the dealer wins.
  • Atlantic City Blackjack: A popular variant from the early days of Atlantic City Casinos, Atlantic City Blackjack usually uses eight decks in a shoe. The dealer can peek at their hole cards to know their value. Also, if the dealer’s up-card is an Ace, players have the option of the insurance side bet. Atlantic City Blackjack also supports late surrender so players can slow down losses.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack: Vegas Strip Blackjack commonly uses four decks in a single playing shoe. The title of the game honors the real-life Las Vegas Strip. Players can split a pair of identical values to create multiple playing hands like Aces and Eights. The dealer must hit on a soft 17.

Getting Started with Live Dealer Games

Of course, the best of online Blackjack rests with the exceptional live dealer play. Match wits against a professional dealer that’s broadcast live from a professional studio. To help you position yourself for success with live dealer blackjack, please consider these main factors:

  • Only Play at a Licensed Site: Only seven US States support legal online casinos. We strongly recommend only playing at these sites for best results, online safety, and fair gameplay.
  • Make Your Deposit: Once you know which game you want to play, make your deposit to buy a seat at the live table. Most reputable online casinos, including credit cards, Apple, and Google Pay, support multiple payment options.
  • Make Your Live Blackjack Selection: After making your deposit, take a moment to review your fascinating live dealer blackjack options. Infinite and Free Bet Blackjack are super popular options.

Final Words

As technology continues to improve, so does the availability of online Blackjack. Also, as AI continues to progress, the top online casinos continue to integrate it with daily operations. Through behavioral AI, it can customize and develop casino games, including Blackjack, for a new and rewarding experience.

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