Stand Out From the Competition With Stand Up Packaging

Have you noticed that many of the products that lay down on shelves or stood in rigid packaging now stand up in pouches? There are several reasons manufacturers have adopted stand up pouch packaging, and one of the most significant is that it helps them stand out from their competition. These are ways this type of packaging can help you.

Fully Custom Stand UP Packages

You can completely customize your packaging if you use stand-up products. You can also customize the printing on the front and back of the package, giving you much more real estate for your brand message, images and other printed material.

You can include your logo and interactive technology, such as QR codes your customers can scan to learn more about your company and its products or just interact with your brand. In addition, you may add zippers to allow customers to reclose the package and different types of film to increase shelf life.

Product Protection

Packaging like the quad seal coffee bags offers added product protection as well. First, you can seal out light, moisture and oxygen that can reduce shelf life by encouraging mold, microorganism and fungi growth and change the way your products look, feel and taste. You can also add odor barriers so your food always smells as it should. In addition, the films are highly durable and not easily penetrated.

Variety of Sizes & Pouch Types

You will find numerous types of pouches available in stand up packaging options. You can have your product packaging die-cut into specific shapes. Manufacturers also offer a wide variety of sizes. You can offer your customer one-serving options or family-size, or you can offer products in several sizes. Even the bottom seal can differ, e.g., doyen seal, corner/plough bottom style seal, skirt seal or K-seal.

In addition, you can choose different types of pouches. This may involve different films and barriers, or you may want a spout instead of a zipper. You may also choose child-resistant, standard or powder-resistant zippers. You can purchase packaging that has a handle for easy carrying or a hanging hole that increases your display options.

Efficient Storage and Transportation

Because you can customize your package size, it should fit your products exactly. This eliminates the extra space that rigid and other types of packaging require. More compact packaging saves warehouse storage space. The lighter weight and more condensed packaging also makes your transportation costs lower, and you can typically ship more in each shipment.

Eco-Friendly Options

The world has become focused on environmental protection and restoration, so choosing an eco-friendly packaging option suggests that your brand shares these concerns. Not only are stand-up pouches smaller, taking up less space in landfills, but they are also made from recycled materials and you can often recycle them. Some pouch products also biodegrade in landfills. Many are also reusable, reducing waste.

As you consider your packaging decision, consider how your brand and products can benefit from stand up film packaging. Look on store shelves and see what products stand out to you.

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