Understanding Your Cat’s Preferences: Open vs. Closed Beds

When it comes to choosing a cat bed, understanding their preferences is key to ensuring they feel comfortable and secure. One important consideration is whether your cat would prefer an open bed or a closed bed. Each type offers distinct benefits and can cater to different cat personalities and habits. Here’s a guide to help you understand which option might be best for your feline friend.

Open Beds: Benefits and Considerations

Open beds are typically flat or slightly raised platforms without walls or covers. These beds are often designed to be simple and accessible, making them a popular choice for many cats.

Easy Access:

Open beds are easy for cats to get in and out of, making them ideal for kittens, senior cats, or cats with mobility issues. The lack of barriers ensures that your cat can easily hop on and off the bed without any difficulty.


These beds can be placed almost anywhere in your home, including on furniture, shelves, or directly on the floor. Their versatile design makes them adaptable to various locations and surfaces.


Cats that enjoy watching their surroundings will appreciate an open bed. It allows them to keep an eye on their environment, which can be particularly important for curious or social cats who like to stay aware of household activities.

Temperature Regulation:

Open beds are often cooler than closed beds because they allow for better airflow. This makes them a good choice for warmer climates or for cats that tend to overheat easily.

Social Interaction:

If your cat enjoys being around people and other pets, an open bed can facilitate social interaction. Placing the bed in a common area allows your cat to stay close to the action while still having a designated place to rest.

Closed Beds: Benefits and Considerations

Closed beds, also known as covered or hooded beds, provide an enclosed space where cats can feel safe and hidden. These beds are designed to offer more privacy and security.

Sense of Security:

Closed beds provide a den-like environment that can make cats feel safe and secure. This is especially beneficial for shy or anxious cats who may prefer a more secluded sleeping area.

Warmth and Comfort:

The enclosed design of these beds helps to retain heat, making them a cozy option for colder climates or for cats that seek warmth. The enclosed space can trap the cat’s body heat, creating a snug and comfortable environment.


Cats that prefer solitude or those that get easily disturbed by noise and movement may prefer a closed bed. It offers a private retreat where they can relax without being bothered.

Reduced Stress:

For cats that are easily stressed by changes in their environment, a closed bed can provide a stable, familiar space. This can be particularly useful during events like moving to a new home or introducing new pets to the household.


Closed beds offer protection from drafts and other environmental factors. This can be important for cats who like to sleep near windows or doors where there might be occasional breezes.

Determining Your Cat’s Preference

To determine whether your cat prefers an open or closed bed, observe their current sleeping habits and behaviors. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Sleeping Locations:

Pay attention to where your cat likes to sleep. If they often choose open areas like the couch or bed, an open bed might be more suitable. If they prefer hiding under furniture or in closets, they might enjoy a closed bed.

Behavioral Cues:

Notice how your cat behaves when they are resting. Do they seem more relaxed when they can see their surroundings, or do they prefer to tuck themselves away? These behaviors can provide clues about their preferences.

Temperature Preferences:

Consider whether your cat seeks out warm or cool spots in your home. Cats that prefer warm, enclosed spaces might appreciate the coziness of a closed bed, while those that like to stretch out in cooler areas might prefer an open bed.


If you’re unsure, you can try both types of beds and see which one your cat gravitates towards. Offering both options can also give your cat the flexibility to choose based on their mood or the time of day.


Understanding your cat’s preferences for open or closed beds can help you provide a sleeping environment that meets their needs and enhances their comfort. By paying attention to their sleeping habits, behavior, and temperature preferences, you can choose a bed that will make them feel secure and content.

Whether your cat prefers the openness of a flat bed or the coziness of a covered retreat, the right choice will contribute to their overall well-being and happiness.

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